Can I Sit Here - Inner Relm [5min]

Kirra Calleja, Jellan Merlant, Capucine Merlant, and more surfing small waves in North Island, Gold Coast and more. 5min surf video created by Jake Kin in 2019.

(YouTube : Can I Sit Here - Inner Relm)

– Surfer –

Kirra Calleja (@kirrashale)

Jellan Merlant (

Capucine Merlant (@capucinemerlant)

Ryan Heath (@yourblondefriend)

Emmi Hogstrom (@emmihogstrom)

Anna Jalasti (@annaninstagram)

Maddy Hoffmann (@maddyhoffmann)

Fil Soper (@filsoper)

– Presented by –

Inner Relm Wetsuits & Surfwear (@innerrelm)

– Film/Edit –

Jake Kin (@jkinphotos)

– Location –

North Island, Auckland, New Zealand  

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia  

– Music –

"Busman's Holiday" by Allah-Las

"Scream" by The Oogars (@theoogars)

– Year –


– Run Time –


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