Field Report: Macaronis [5min]

Ryder Guest, Colin Deveze, Mitch Coleborn, and more surfing overhead waves in Mentawai. 5min surf video created by Andy Potts in 2015.

( Vimeo : Field Report: Macaronis)

– Surfer –

Ryder Guest (@ryderguest_)

Colin Deveze (@colindeveze)

Mitch Coleborn (@mitch_coleborn)

Jack Freestone (@jackfreestone)

Chippa Wilson (@chippawilson)

Noa Deane (@ilovetables)

Dion Agius (@dionagius)

Michael Chamberlain

Tim Geyer (@bootsy27)

Michael O'Rafferty

– Presented by –

The Surfer's Journal (@surfersjournal)

– Film/Edit –

Andy Potts (@apotts)

– Film –

Rowan Walker (@rowanwalker_vision)

Jy Johannesen (@jijogram)

– Narrated by –

Stanley Badger (@badgertales)

Haydn Clentsmith (@haydnclentsmith)

– Location –

Macaronis, Mentawai, Indonesia  

– Music –

"Shani" by Tiger Choir

"Happy?" by Mudvayne

"Gold Snafu" by Sticky Fingers

– Year –


– Run Time –


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