Taylor Steele's GOOD TIMES (full film) [46min]

Kelly Slater, Keith Malloy, Shane Dorian, and more surfing overhead waves. 46min surf video created by Taylor Steele in 1995.

( YouTube : Taylor Steele's GOOD TIMES (full film))

– Surfer –

Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)

Keith Malloy (@thetorpedopeople)

Shane Dorian (@shanedorian)

Tim Curran (@_timcurran)

Benji Weatherley (@benjiweatherley)

Taylor Knox (@taylor_knox)

Chris Malloy

Rob Machado (@rob_machado)

Dan Malloy (@the.rabbits.foot)

Sunny Garcia (@sunnygarcia)

Ross Williams (@rosswilliamshawaii)

Kalani Robb (@kalanirobb)

Greg Browning (@gregsworld)

Joe Curren (@joecurren)

Justin Poston (@postonjustin)

Shawn Briley (@shawnbriley)

Akila Aipa (@akila_aipa)

Jason Weatherley (@jdubs0017)

Kaden Alasantro

Travis Molina

Conan Hayes

Even Slater (@eslate)

Brock Little (@brock.little)

Mark Occhilupo (@markocchilupo)

Luke Egan (@lukeegan)

Todd Chesser

Todd Prestage (@prezzo72)

Pat O'Connell (@patchy_o)

Cody Steele (@codered76)

– Presented by –

Poor Specimen Productions

– Produced by –

ControlRoom Productions

– Directed by –

Taylor Steele (@taylorsteele)

– Film/Edit –

Taylor Steele (@taylorsteele)

– Film –

Pete Santamaria

– Edit –

Radius Telecast System

– Artwork by –

Scott P. Sorensen

– Music –

"Good Times" by Sprung Monkey

"Wrong Side Of The Tracks" by Strung Out

"Punk Rock Song" by Bad Religion

"The Checkered Demon" by A Fi

"Tomorrow" by Pennywise

"Hang Nail" by Pivit

"Lemmings" by Blink-182

"Pain Killer" by 98 Mute

"Falling Down" by Unwritten Law

"Let The Bad Times Roll" by The Vandals

"Holding Back" by 88 Finger Louie

"Zulu" by Blink-182

"America's Channel" by Sack Lunch

"Happy Like A Clam" by Rhythm Collision

"Insomniacity" by Strung Out

"Superman" by Unwritten Law

"The Kids Are United" by 7 Seconds

– Year –


– Run Time –


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